en masse is the continuation of a conversation. a conversation had between those that are different and a conversation between those that are similar. one that spans generations, ages, & nations. a conversation about being the same. 

i want this to spark something. if only in the hearts of a few. a position of the heart that is immovable. a position of love. deeply rooted in the foundation of the simple fact that beneath the skin we are the same. brothers and sisters in the same race. this isn’t an original thought, or a new way of thinking, but a desire to remind us all of this simple truth; we are in this together. 

two thousand-sixteen has not been easy for anyone, minority or majority. we have all hurt for movements bigger than ourselves, and cried for those we may or may not know. and dallas has felt it deeply. my desire is that this is a salve for those who are hurt, and a temper to those who are angry. my desire is that this is a reminder that hate is never the answer.